Welcome to Kumatrans

We are in high demand for an advanced rom hacker that knows how to implement VFW(Variable Font Width), either contact me or post the hacked file.

Disgruntled /jp/ translation project.

This is an attempt to translate the Nintendo DS game, Kumatanchi, because we can.
Feel free to contribute any translations or comments, editing is open to anyone as of recently, and the password to join as a member is where you came from.

Current Goals (By Urgency)

  1. Implement VFW(Variable Font Width).
  2. Translate menus.
  3. Translate character scripts.
  4. Recruit hex & tile editors.
  5. Hack & translate tiles.

Completed goals

* Prologue Translation.
* Discern what all kds scripts contain.


If you have a specific talent, such as Rom Hacking, Tile Editing, or Japanese skills, either contact me or edit the pages to your own accord.
If you'd like to help but have none of these talents, you can either error check, by comparing the rips to the in-game text.
Or, you can help rip the games text by reading the How To Rip Text page.



A lot has been added to arm9.bin page, thanks goes to clayu for text ripping. We'll keep working on arm9 and the rabi scripts for now.
Just a reminder as if its not obvious from the red text, we still need someone to hack the arm9.


There's quite a bit still left, and I'm still focusing on arm9 only, there's still a lot of arm9 untranslated so drop by the page and contribute your translation to it whenever you get a chance.
I saw that people were interested in a pre-beta patch. To respond, we could make one if we had a rom hacker, I could make one now, but it would most likely be distorted or hard to read.

So, if anyone is a rom hacker or knows a rom hacker we desperately need someone to hack the arm9.bin so that the spacing between characters is less drastic.
Thanks to anyone who might help!

  • Adding to Rabi A02 and Arm9 tomorrow.


Rise From The Dead

Well, I haven't been posting much, so I posted a lot on to arm9.
Also, hopefully, I ran into Kuma-tan's dialog, could be a false alarm again though, its hard to tell.



Looks like while I got lazy, the translators got busy, so thanks guys for keeping up.
We've translated pretty much everything I had up, so I added some to arm9 I'll be putting some more arm9 and Rabi tomorrow.
Also, to everyone who is thinking "I'd love to help but I can't hack, translate, or do graphics what can I do!?" we could use a few checkers on the text ripping, as some have pointed out, I miss some characters sometimes while reading the hex and I'm sure many of you are farther in the game than me and can compare the texts. So if anyone wants to help and doesn't know how, you can check around the scripts and comment or correct any errors you may see.
Remember to stop by the forum to give your comments on the terminology!


Look and Rip

I modified the layout a tiny bit so that you have more perms (You can create pages now), but only on project: pages and this nifty new forum feed on the left, might be helpful…
As for the ripping, I ripped some more of the arm9 text.
Also, our great translators have translated a lot of our pages, thanks guys!
Finally, Noitora, an experienced translator, has joined our site, and said that he could help from time to time.



Yep, its in arm9 alright. I'm going to start focusing on ripping the menu a little.
Oh. The paw is just there because I needed a filler it doesn't have to stay.


Hex Hell

Okay, I ripped all the text from eve_sumo_a, b, and c, as well as eve_sumo_rabi_a01.
Sumo b seems to be the shop script, and c seems to be something like a help menu, so a is likely Kuma-tan's sayings.
As Donryu pointed out, its short for Sumomo, which is the shopkeeper's name.
Still looking for the menu scripts…
Shit, I'm pretty sure they're only in arm9.bin and aren't sorted at all….

Sumo Scripts?

There seem to be a lot of scripts titled "eve_sumo_a, eve_sumo_b, eve_sumo_c" a and b of these scripts are short and a seems to be one sided sentences, but c are longer and may be conversations or may be menu items, its hard to tell right now. I'm posting a few of them, so, since they're short, whenever a translator can, look at them so I can get an idea of what they are.
I haven't gotten to explore enough in the game to identify them myself, so if anyone knows what they may be, feel free to mention in the discussion.
Hmmm seems sumo B01 is the store's dialog.


File Finding

Hmm, well judging by file name alone, kuma_house01a-07b.NCGR look like potentially important files, probably mostly backgrounds, but there may be some words too.
Looking through gui_cell_parts01.NCGR (pictured on right) I can confirm it contains the tiles for parts of the shop, I saw the "interior, athletic, etc" words in there, so if I had someone who knew how to edit tiles correctly, we could probably put the tiles up here for translation.
I'm sure someone out there is a better tiler(?) than me, if you are, contact me on this website.

At least we've identified the problem, its progress.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our translators, Kafka, Donryu, and all of you anonymous editors.


Freeing The Fonts

DarthNemesis on the GBAtemp forum says this about the rom hacking,

The problem is that the game ignores the offset values from the NFTR file and just uses 13 for every character. You'd probably need to hack the arm9 to get it to use the correct value, and the speech balloons would probably need to be fixed too.

Script Kiddies

Great! We've completed the bare minimum translation for Prologue 1, though I still welcome additional translations. Now priority has shifted to Eve Prol A02 and A03.
Finally, we need your opinion on translating the zoo names, so drop by the Forum and look for the "Zoo names" thread under the "Terminology/Names" category.

Rom Hacking Woes

I believe our rom hacker has abandoned the project, so we will need someone to insert the text.
Until then I'll continue to post and rip the scripts in hopes they will be translated
Also, we're about done with the first prologue script, only 5 lines remain untranslated, and part 2 and 3 are much shorter, so keep the translations coming!

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