How To Rip Text
Step 1
Get a Hex Editor like UltraEdit-32 or any of your choosing.
Step 2
Either set your system locale to Japanese or download "Microsoft Applocale" (Can be downloaded here) and use it to start your Hex Editor.
Step 3
Obtain the script files, either from the kind Anon that uploaded the files to rapidshare, or by ripping the files from the .nds on your own.
Step 4
Open the file you want to rip in your Hex Editor.
Step 5
Create a New page for your file such on the left, for example, if your file was eve_rabi_c01.kds you would enter: project:Eve Rabi C01 into the add new page box.
Step 6
Copy legible Japanese text from hex into the tables on the page you created, some things to remember are 00 means the end of a dialog window, and 0A usually means a break line.
Step 7
Step 8
Gain personal sucess by doing a good deed.
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