Eve Prol A01

Prologue Part 1

Speaker Raw Text Personal Translation(crappy) Translation 1 Translation 2
Title くまたん登場 None None Enter Kuma-tan
Kuma-tan うわあー トラックだ Oooh, a truck Wo~w, a truck! None
Magurou-san やほー Hello Yaho~ Hey~
Kuma-tan あっ Ah None None
Kuma-tan まぐろうさん まぐろうさん Magurou-san, Magurou-san None None
Kuma-tan きょうはどこかにおでかけするくま? Where are you going today? Are you going out somewhere today? None
Magurou-san んーっと… Hmmm… None Yeah…about that…
Magurou-san うっかり 言いそびれてたんだけど… Carelessly I forgot to tell you, but… None It completely slipped my mind, but…
Magurou-san 実はね くまたん Infact, Kuma-tan The truth is, Kuma-tan, None
Magurou-san しばらくの間 お別れなんだ I'll be leaving for a little while We'll have to be separated for a little while We'll be parting ways for a while
Kuma-tan …えっ!? …Eehh!? None None
Kuma-tan まぐろうさん Magurou-san None None
Kuma-tan どこかにいっちゃうの? Where are you going? Are you going somewhere? None
Magurou-san いやぁ お別れなのは No, no, my leaving No, the one that is leaving Oh no, the one who's leaving
Magurou-san くまたんの方 なんだよね~ isn't a matter for Kuma-tan. is Kuma-tan. is you, Kuma-tan~
Kuma-tan がーん! Gahn! None ( ゚Д゚ )
Kuma-tan くまたんいらないこ!? Kuma-tan doesn't get to come!? Kuma-tan isn't needed!? Kuma-tan isn't wanted!?
Magurou-san ぎょぎょ!? ちがうちがう Huh!? Uhm, uhm Blub blub!? No, no. None
Magurou-san 実はね… Actually… None None
Magurou-san おんぼろ動物園 見ての通り I'm going to go look through this old zoo I'm going to go look through this worn down zoo The Worn-Down Zoo, as you can see…
Magurou-san かなりおんぼろになってきてね None It is considerably worn down, isn't it …has been looking pretty run-down lately
Magurou-san 改装工事をするのに None We'll be doing remodeling construction None
Magurou-san 二週間くらいかかっちゃうんだ None It'll take about two weeks None
Magurou-san その間 動物園を閉館する事に None Until then, the zoo will During that time, the zoo
Magurou-san なったんだね~ None have to be closed will have to be closed
Kuma-tan はう… None Hau… None
Kuma-tan それはさみしいくま… None That's lonely kuma… I'll be lonely kuma…
Kuma-tan でも None But, None
Kuma-tan そんなじゅうようなことを None you didn't tell me how could you forget to tell me
Kuma-tan いそびれるなんて None such an important thing something that important!
Kuma-tan まぐろうさん ひどいくま! None Magurou-san, you meanie kuma! None
Kuma-tan かいしょうなしくま! None There was no notice kuma! I can't trust you kuma!
Magurou-san うはっ うはっ うはっ None Uha uha uha Ahha hah ha-…
Kuma-tan ・・・・・・ None None None
Magurou-san ・・・・・・ None None None
Kuma-tan ・・・・・・ None None None
Magurou-san ・・・・・・ None None None
Magurou-san …ゴメン Sorry. None …I'm sorry
Magurou-san で まぁ その間 にぎわい動物園が But well, for that time None None
Magurou-san くまたんを預かってくれる Bustling Zoo (someone figure out a name) has agreed to None None
Magurou-san 事になったんだねー take care of you, okay~? None None
Kuma-tan ほえ~ None None Hoe~
Kuma-tan にぎわいどうぶつえん… Bustling Zoo… None None
Magurou-san まぐろうさんは改装工事に付き合うので Magurou-san is going to help out with the remodeling None None
Magurou-san 一緒にはいけないんだけど so I can't go with you, but None None
Magurou-san そのかわり にぎわい動物園では but in my place None None
Magurou-san 僕の友達が 面倒を見てくれる事に my friend from Bustling Zoo None None
Magurou-san なっていまーす! will be taking care of youuu! None will be looking after you~!
Kuma-tan うわぁ~ まぐろうさんのおともだち! None None Wow~ Magurou-san's friend!
Kuma-tan どんなひとだろう? たのしみくま~ None None Who'll it be? I can't wait kuma~
Kuma-tan ワクワク None None can't wait, can't wait
Magurou-san 単純だなぁ くまたんは None None Kuma-tan's pretty naive
Magurou-san ニヤニヤ None None Heh heh
Kuma-tan なにかいったくま? None None You say something kuma?
Magurou-san べ 別に~♪ None None N-nothing at all~♪
Magurou-san あ そうそう None None Ah - oh yeah
Magurou-san この まぐろう愛用のマイク 手土産にあげるよ~ None None As a parting gift I'll give you my favorite mic~
Magurou-san 寂しくなったら 歌でも歌って 楽しい気分になっちゃおうね~ None None Should you ever grow lonely, sing a song and cheer up, okay~
Kuma-tan まぐろうさんのじゃ さちうすそう… If it's Magurou-san's it's probably unlucky… None Looks gloomy, since it's Magurou-san's…
Kuma-tan こうかなさそうくま None None Doesn't look like it'll help kuma
Magurou-san はっはっはっ! None None Hah ha ha! …
Magurou-san さらりとひどいな くまたん… You don't hesitate to be mean, Kuma-tan… None An immediate rebuff, how mean Kuma-tan
Truck Driver おーい そろそろ出発するよ~ None Heeey! We have to leave soon! None
Magurou-san おっといけない そろそろ時間だ None Oh no! Look at the time! None
Magurou-san なぁに 二週間なんて あっという間さ None But hey, two weeks will be gone so fast you'll barely notice But hey, two weeks will be gone before you know it
Magurou-san さぁ トラックに乗って~ None Alright then, hop on the truck~ None
Kuma-tan まぐろうさん またね~ None Magurou-san, bye bye~ None
Magurou-san くまたん 元気でね~ None Kuma-tan, take care! None
Kuma-tan こうして くまたんの 新しい生活がはじまりました None and so, Kuma-tan's new life is about to begin And thus marks the beginning of Kuma-tan's new life
Kuma-tan まぐろうさんとの別れは 少し寂しいけど None It will be a bit lonely without Magurou-san, but None
Kuma-tan 新しい動物園に 新しい飼育員さん None A new zoo, plus, a new keeper-san None
Kuma-tan どんな出会いが待っていて どんな生活がはじまるのか None What kind of encounters await, what kind of life will I have? None
Kuma-tan トラックに揺られながら わくわくが止まらない While being rocked by the truck she can't stop feeling excited. None Swaying to the truck's movements, wondering all the while,
Kuma-tan くまたんなので ありました None None Kuma-tan can't help but feel excited
Kuma-tan 頑張って下さいね None Do your best, 'k Best of luck to you,
Kuma-tan 新しい飼育員さん! None New keeper-san New keeper-san!
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