Eve Prol A02

Name of script

Speaker Raw Text Personal Translation Translation 1 Translation 2
Title くまたんと園長さん None Kuma-tan and the Curator None
Kuma-tan はじめましてくまたんです! Nice to meet you, I'm Kuma-tan! None None
Curator くまたんゃ 長旅大変じゃったのう Kuma-tan, huh? That long trip must've been tough. Oh, Kuma-tan - you must be tuckered out after that long ride None
Curator ここがにぎわい動物園 This is Bustling Zoo None None
Curator わしは にぎわい動物園の園長じゃ I'm the director of Bustling Zoo And I'm the zoo's curator None
Curator 他の動物達とも仲良くしてやっておくれ Make sure to make friends with the other animals. Be sure to get along with all the other animals None
Kuma-tan はーい! Yes! I will~! None
Curator そして あっちにいるのが Also, the one over there is Moving on, the one over there None
Curator 新しい飼育員の None would be your new keeper, None
Curator %1さんじゃ Keeper-san. (name you chose goes here) %1-san None
Curator くまたんのお世話 よろしく頼んだぞ I'll leave Kuma-tan in your care None None
Kuma-tan はじめまして くまたんです! Nice to meet you, I'm Kuma-tan! None None
Kuma-tan しいくいんの%1さん None Keeper %1-san None
Kuma-tan しばらくのあいだ よろしくおねがいします! None Please raise me well during these next few weeks! None


Some part were missing, I replaced them.
"!" is shown as "∨".

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