Eve Rabi A01

Rabi-tan Conversation 01

Speaker Raw Text Personal Translation Translation 1 Translation 2
Title らびたん登場 None Enter Rabi-tan None
Rabi-tan うさうさうさ~ None Usa usa usa~ None
Rabi-tan モッコスさま モッコスさま… MOK-KOS-sama, MOK-KOS-sama… None None
Kuma-tan ??? None ??? None
Rabi-tan あのタテジマ女の お鼻をへしおって~ Pummel that striped hussy down to size~ I'll break that striped woman's nose~ None
Kuma-tan ・・・・・・ None …… None
Rabi-tan ことしもラビットの リーグ優勝を~ And grant me victory once more in this year's Rabbit League~ This year's Rabbit League will be mine again~ None
Kuma-tan なにしているの? None Whatcha doing? None
Rabi-tan きゃー!!!! None Kyaa!!!! None
Kuma-tan わあああぁ!! None Waaaa!! None
Rabi-tan ・・・・・・ None …… None
Rabi-tan だれ? None Who are you? None
Kuma-tan く… くまたんです… None I… I'm Kuma-tan… None
Rabi-tan ・・・・・・ None …… None
Rabi-tan ああ… たしか新入りの? None Ah… so you're the newcomer? None
Kuma-tan うん… Yup… Yes… None
Rabi-tan おほほほほ♪ None Ohohoho ♪ None
Kuma-tan ??? None ??? None
Rabi-tan なるほど あなたが くまたんね! I get it now, so YOU'RE Kuma-tan! I see! So you're Kuma-tan! None
Kuma-tan あれ? くまたんを しっているの? Huh? So you know about me? Huu? You know me? None
Rabi-tan いーえ!! いまはじめて知りましたわ! None Nope!! I found out just now! None
Kuma-tan ・・・・・・ None …… None
Kuma-tan じゃあ なんでそんなに いばってるの? Umm…then why are you acting so pompously? Sooo how come you're being so proud? None
Rabi-tan おだまりなさい! Be silent! Silence! None
Rabi-tan ワタシはセンパイ あなたはコウハイ! None I'm the superior. You're the subordinate! None
Rabi-tan それいがいに 何がありまして!? Need I explain further!? Do you have a problem with that!? None
Kuma-tan ・・・・・・ None …… None
Rabi-tan このよは弱肉強食ですわ! None This is an eat or be eaten world! None
Rabi-tan あなたは わたくしよりも 下ということですわ! None So basically you're below me! None
Kuma-tan にく? …たべる? None … eat? None
Kuma-tan ジュルリ None *drool* None
Rabi-tan やっぱり弱肉強食はヤメですわ… Let's end the "survival of the fittest" talk right there… Actually, forget about survival of the fittest… None
Kuma-tan それはともかく None Well anyway… None
Kuma-tan くまたん…まだ なまえを きいてないんだけど? Kuma-tan…doesn't know your name yet Kuma-tan… still hasn't gotten your name? None
Rabi-tan あら これはしつれい… Oh dear, how rude of me… Oh, how rude of me… None
Rabi-tan わたしの名はらびたん None My name is Rabi-tan None
Rabi-tan らびゅー ビューティフルで らびたんですわ! "Love you beautiful" Rabi-tan! Rabeau-beautfiul Rabi-tan! None
Kuma-tan いやぁ ふつうに ラビットでしょ? Nah…you're just a run-of-the-mill rabbit aren't you? Umm aren't you a normal rabbit? None
Rabi-tan だまらっしゃい! None Silence! None
Rabi-tan あなた 新入りのくせに なまいきですわね You're rather impertinent for a newcomer You're a rude newcomer aren't you. None
Kuma-tan そうかな…? You think so…? I am…? None
Rabi-tan はぁ~ None *Sigh* None
Rabi-tan まあいいですわ None Well, fine None
Kuma-tan くま? None Kuma? None
Rabi-tan はじめてのコウハイですし… You're my first subordinate and all, None None
Rabi-tan 今回のぶれいは ゆるしてさしあげますわ so I'll forgive your rudeness this once I'll forgive your tresspass this time. None
Kuma-tan くま~ None Kuma~ None
Rabi-tan この動物園で わからないことがあったら If you have any questions about this zoo If there's anything you don't understand in this zoo, None
Rabi-tan わたくしに おききなさいな come and ask me please do ask me. None
Rabi-tan 親切ていねいに教えてあげますわ I'll field your inquiry gently and courteously I'd kindly and politely teach you! None
Kuma-tan じゃ… じゃあ… Okay…Um, then… W… well… None
Kuma-tan ひとつ おしえてほしいんだけど… None There is one thing I'd like to know… None
Rabi-tan なんですの? None What might that be? None
Kuma-tan さいしょ ナニをしていたの? Before we started talking…what were you doing? What were you doing at first? None
Rabi-tan ・・・・・・ None …… None
Rabi-tan おほほほほ♪ None Ohohohoho ♪ None
Kuma-tan あのニンギョウは なに? What was that doll? What's that doll? None
Rabi-tan あら~ わたしとしたことが… Oh my, I can't believe I let this conversation… Oh dear~ the thing I had to do… None
Rabi-tan ついつい長話を run on for so long I didn't mean to talk for so long! None
Kuma-tan え? Huh? Eh? None
Rabi-tan ごきげんよう~♪ Good day to you~ ♪ Farewell~♪ None
Kuma-tan あやしいウサギさんだなぁ… There goes a shady rabbit… She's a suspicious rabbit huh… None
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